jQuery and AJAX Programming Tutorials

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript library today. It is easy to learn and fun to use. Here in our blog, we provide tutorials that might help you with your jQuery coding journey!

jQuery Basic Tutorials

Learn how to use jQuery.

jQurey UI Tutorials

Learn how to use jQuery UI for your projects.

Learn how to use jQuery UI in different ways.

Learn how to use jQuery UI autocomplete to help users find data.

jQuery Code Projects

Learn how to search data with AJAX.

FbAlbumPreview jQuery Plugin
Learn how to use an original jQuery plugin made by us.

Google Plus Style Notification Box Tutorial
Learn how to program a notification box with google plus animation.

Paginating Your Data with AJAX and Awesome PHP Pagination Class
Learn how to paginate data from database.

Check and Validate Username Without Page Refresh
Learn how to check if username exists and with some validation.

Dynamic and Dependent Drop Down Menu with PHP, MySQL and jQuery
Learn how to make dependent dropdown menu with jQuery.

Solving Your Table Row Data's Long List Of Options
Learn a simple way to save space for table row options.

Convert a DIV Area to an Editable HTML Form
Learn how to make a DIV area to a form.

How To Use Table Sorter With A Database
Learn how to make your table data sortable.

Add or Remove File Field Then Upload File in PHP and jQuery
Learn how to add or remove file fields with jQuery.

Check or Uncheck Checkboxes with jQuery And Get Selected with PHP
Learn how you can check of uncheck checkboxes.

How To Use Lightbox With A Database
Learn how to use a lightbox plugin with a database.

Two Example Usage of jQuery On() Method
Learn how and what is the use of jQuery on() method.

A Quick Way To Create A Vertical Accordion With jQuery
Learn how to create a vertical accordion with jQuery.

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