Fixed: Android Dependencies - Missing facebooksdk.jar

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Modified Sunday, September 8, 2013
by - @ninjazhai
Recently I was working with the Facebook SDK for Android and found the error: Android Dependencies - Missing facebooksdk.jar. My project was unable to run and the eclipse console or logcat does not give a clear description of the error. 

But it can be seen when you try to view the properties > java build path > libraries tab > android dependencies of your project.

It looks like the project is looking for the facebooksdk.jar in the Facebook SDK bin folder. But it was missing. I wasn't able to found a fix after around 30 minutes of googling the error. I don't know, maybe my google skills are just failing me.

But the good thing is I was able to fixed this error myself. And here is the solution:

Right click on your project > properties > java compiler > compiler compliance level > select 1.7 on the dropdown. Wait for a while while eclipse re-builds the workspace. Suddenly it was fixed!

Sorry I was too lazy to put up some screenshots, this is just a quick post that I thought can be useful to some devs. As always, thanks for reading!

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