Introducing The Code Of A Ninja's Android App (Beta)

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Modified Thursday, August 15, 2013
by - @ninjazhai
Introducing our favorite programming blog's android app! For the past few days, I have some spare time to code this. Now you guys can browse our blog instantly in your Android phone or tablet. To download this free app, go to your Google Play store and then search using the keywords "code blog by mike dalisay", you can see our app on the search result.

I think the first advantage of having a mobile website android app is, an app has to be installed. It means that your website or blog will have its own program and icon in the device home screen or list of apps. Users can put it anywhere they want. Our awesome readers can simply tap it to instantly visit your site and see some updates.

The app (ninja) icon is in my home screen.

As for the features of this app, we'll have screenshots with captions below, this can also be a user's guide.

The Blog View or the "Read Codes" section.
Launching the app will bring you here.

The Navigation Drawer. You can see this view if you click the
ninja icon on the upper left corner OR did a swipe from left to right.

Tapping the "About Blog" option will
show you some info about the blog.

"The Ninjas" section contains some information
about the people behind our blog.

Clicking the "share" icon on the upper right corner
of the app will enable you to share the URL of
what you are currently reading in the app.

Also, the action overflow will enable you to "refresh" or "copy"
the URL of what you are currently reading.

Now you might ask, what are the functions of those other icons in the navigation drawer?

  1. Like on Facebook - will open the Facebook app with our Facebook page loaded.
  2. Follow on Google+ - will open the Google+ app with our Google+ page.
  3. Follow on Twitter - opens the Twitter app with my twitter account.
  4. Subscribe via email - opens a browser with a feedburner form for email subscription.
  5. Send Feedback - will open the Gmail app pre-loaded with my email, subject and content.

Our app will automatically detect if one of those apps were not installed. It will tell the user "[app_name] does not exist!"

In the future, I want this app to have an offline feature, like the app is able to download useful tutorials or posts on the device so it can be viewed without internet connection.

As of the moment, I only tested this app on my phone and 10.1 tablet (both Jelly Bean). I looks good and works fine for me. You might encounter performance issues, bugs or crashes, the usual things for a beta release. Please don't hesitate to report them to me, the same if you have any comments or suggestion for our app's improvement. Thanks!
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"First do it, then do it right, then do it better."
~ Addy Osmani
"Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
~ Linus Torvalds
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