A Happy Developer, Android + CakePHP + jQuery

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Modified Monday, June 6, 2011
by - @ninjazhai
Hi there! Well, I don't have much posts few weeks ago since I'm kinda busy working on a project. I got good news and not-so-bad news, haha! This past few weeks, I've been working on an Android application which makes me so happy (though at first, kinda stressed, since I'm a beginner on this). Yes, it has been my dream to be a Java programmer since college. I can't believe that now, one of my dreams is coming true (Since Android is Java based).

A Happy Developer, Android + CakePHP + jQuery
There's more :)

I can say that now, I'm comfortable with developing an Android application. It is total object oriented, powerful, has lots of possibilities, useful, extensible, and almost anything you can think of. It can be integrated with other technologies like Web App Development (which is also what I'm working on now). Most of all, it is continuously developed by increasing hundreds of thousands of other developers around the world (I'm happy and grateful to be one of them). Another great thing is that, there are over 400,000 Android devices were activated everyday.

I'm gonna tell you something about my current project. The Android application is run in a tablet device (I have Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android Froyo for now. But I'm delighted by it.). The Android App I'm doing is some sort of a content management system that syncs data from an encrypted XML stream. Those data include images, slideshows, flash games, videos, audios, websites, survey forms, sales data, etc. The XML stream is of course generated dynamically by a Web based content management system which is developed with some web development technologies like HTML5CakePHP and jQuery

Sounds simple right? But like any other software project, it will be from simple to complex. We will discover more about the client's business logic. The user of this application is in the retail industry. The Android App will be installed in tablet devices in different parts of the country (where they have market places).

Here's the not-so-bad news: The web based CMS is developed by other programmer. And so now, it is assigned to be developed by me. So I got a lot of work to do. I thought I will concentrate on Android development, but it seemed like web app development always haunt me haha! Anyway the good news there is that, I'll have a lot of knowledge to share with you guys and of course the open-source community.

As of now, I'm the only programmer of this project. Good thing is I'm with a Systems Analyst who helps a lot. But the team will expand sooner or later. :)

Just a piece of advice, to those who want to learn language frameworks such as CakePHP (for PHP) and jQuery (for JavaScript), you have to learn first its basic or native language: PHP and JavaScript. This will give you great development advantage. :)

And oh, I got a late special announcement (or at-least for me), as you've noticed, you accessed this blog in a top level domain: which is before It's my dream to own a ".com" website before, and now, it just came true last June 2, 2011. I registered at Go Daddy.

I'm also so happy to see that there are increasing number of traffic on this site (based on this blog's google analytics account). It makes my goal to help and share knowledge to other people in different parts of the world.

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