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Modified Tuesday, April 5, 2011
by - @ninjazhai
When I'm testing my JavaScript with jQuery, sometimes, I feel lazy to locate on my hard disk where is that jQuery library file. At the same time, I don't want to download it on their website. So I thought of hosting it on a server and just specify its URL as a source of my <script> tag.

But then I found out that Google is hosting different JavaScript library for free. So now, I can access the library just by specifying the URL of Google-hosted jQuery library. Google hosts several open-source library which includes:

So now, here's how I include a jQuery library on my scripts.

<script src=" "></script>

You may also use google.load function if you want. But you have to get your own API key. So I prefer accessing it in direct path (script above).

Here's a simple slide and toggel demo, with jQuery hosted by google.

Well actually, jQuery site also provide their script.

<script src="">

There are many debates whether to host your jQuery on Google or not. You may also read this article and its comments.
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