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Modified Wednesday, October 20, 2010
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I’m a web developer but I’m not that good in web design (but I’m currently working on it!). Let’s say that I’m more of the programming part of web development.

Color Combination
If you are just like me who find it hard to decide what color combination should be used for your web application or web site you’re working on, you may find this article helpful.

Step 1: Go to Adobe Kuler. I found REALLY great color combination ideas there. Another site I can give you is Colour Lovers. These sites really helped me a lot in deciding what colors I should be using in my projects.

Step 2: I know you will be asking me about how we are going to get its hexadecimal, RGB or CMYK value. So we’re gonna download this very helpful software: Pipette

Step 3: Unzip it to your computer and then run. You should have something like this:

Step 4: Click here if you wanna learn more about Pipette.

Step 5: You may now use those colors retrieved by Pipette in your favorite graphic software or CSS. :)

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